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Post-birth control syndrome refers to all the side effects that can occur when you stop taking the pill (acne, missed periods, hair loss, etc.). But don't worry! Solutions do exist, and we've provided them in these articles.

29 March 2023
What is Post-Birth Control Syndrome ?

Have you ever heard of Post-Pill Syndrome? This is a term used to describe a set of symptoms that can occur in women after they stop taking the contraceptive pill. Although there is as yet no conclusive scientific evidence, many women report symptoms such as mood swings, cycle changes, missed periods or the appearance of […]

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2 May 2022
Hirsutism, or hairiness, after stopping the pill

In some women, hair growth seems to increase after stopping the pill. Here, when we talk about hair growth after stopping the pill, we're talking about hair and hair regrowth in so-called "male" areas. We also talk abouthirsutism after stopping the pill. This regrowth occurs mainly in the following areas: So why does hair growth […]

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11 June 2021
Hair loss after stopping the pill: what to do?

Along withacne, hair loss is one of the main side effects of stopping taking the pill. In this article, we'll look at why hair loss can occur when we stop taking hormonal contraception. We'll also take a look at how you can take action at different levels to stem the tide! As always, there are […]

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29 February 2020
I'm going off the pill, the first key steps

Post-pill symptoms, rebound effect, side effects, etc. When you start asking questions about stopping taking the pill, it can be scary. You don't want to stop taking the pill (or any other hormonal contraception)? Good news, in this article we're going to give you the main keys to help you! I've stopped taking the pill, […]

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24 July 2019
Understanding the absence of periods after stopping the pill

"I never thought I'd say this, but... I miss my period." We often receive this phrase in private messages. Like a cry of distress in the face of an incomprehensible reaction on the part of our body... theabsence of our long-awaitedperiod. Whether it's just after you've stopped taking your last pack of pills, or a […]

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21 April 2019
Why do I have irregular cycles after stopping the pill?

When you stop taking the pill, or any other hormonal contraception, you may wonder whether you'll have regular or irregular cycles for the first few months after stopping. This question makes even more sense if, before you started taking the pill (when you were a teenager, or even later), you already had irregular cycles. In […]

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