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6 November 2023
Tempdrop: our opinion after 4 years of use

Over the years, women's health monitoring technology has become increasingly sophisticated, offering more and more sophisticated tools for understanding our bodies. Tempdrop has established itself as a revolutionary tool for people wishing to practice symptothermy with ease. In fact, it was to make it easier for us to take our temperature, and thus track our […]

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6 October 2023
Does the copper IUD affect cervical mucus?

If you're wondering about the copper IUD, you're not alone. Often touted as the miracle contraceptive solution, hormone-free, reliable and hassle-free, it promises slightly heavier and more painful periods, but which improve over time. However, many women share mysterious experiences and poorly understood symptoms related to this device. If you're wondering whether the copper IUD […]

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29 March 2023
What is Post-Birth Control Syndrome ?

Have you ever heard of Post-Pill Syndrome? This is a term used to describe a set of symptoms that can occur in women after they stop taking the contraceptive pill. Although there is as yet no conclusive scientific evidence, many women report symptoms such as mood swings, cycle changes, missed periods or the appearance of […]

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26 February 2023
Menstrual pain: prostaglandins to blame

Do you sometimes feel severe pain during your period ? Whether it's the first few days, or even a few days before? Unfortunately, you're far from alone. 50% to 80% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea (1). But we often don't understand why the pain is there. Today, we're going to take a look at what […]

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27 May 2022
The best sun creams for acne-prone skin

Sunscreen has become an indispensable part of our skincare routine. Especially when you apply active ingredients to your pimples, some of which are photosensitive. Beyond that, we know the damage that sun exposure can cause. If you have pimples, this can accentuate them, but especially acne scarring. So if, like us, you're looking for the […]

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2 May 2022
Hirsutism, or hairiness, after stopping the pill

In some women, hair growth seems to increase after stopping the pill. Here, when we talk about hair growth after stopping the pill, we're talking about hair and hair regrowth in so-called "male" areas. We also talk abouthirsutism after stopping the pill. This regrowth occurs mainly in the following areas: So why does hair growth […]

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14 February 2022
Everything you need to know about libido after stopping the pill

When we ask some women who have stopped taking the pill what positive effects they have noticed, many of them cite the return of their libido. And yet... if we're making an article about it, it's certainly because the answer isn't so simple: stopping the pill = return of libido. In fact, some women do […]

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11 June 2021
Hair loss after stopping the pill: what to do?

Along withacne, hair loss is one of the main side effects of stopping taking the pill. In this article, we'll look at why hair loss can occur when we stop taking hormonal contraception. We'll also take a look at how you can take action at different levels to stem the tide! As always, there are […]

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19 February 2021
3 tips for beautiful post-pill skin

Have you juststopped taking the pill or have you been off it for several weeks/months and want to take care of your skin during this transition? We've got 3 basic tips to get you on the right track to more beautiful skin after stopping the pill ! Tip 1: Take care of your intestines and […]

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20 March 2020
When you stop taking the pill, how can you help restore hormonal balance?

Discontinuing the pill leads to hormonal changes. It may take some time for the natural cycle to return. Doing everything you can to support and accompany your body through the post-pill transition then becomes essential! In this article, we'll take a look at a number of tips to help you restore your hormonal balance. With […]

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