Tempdrop: our opinion after 4 years of use

Florette & Maëlle
Publié le 6 November 2023
Mis à jour le 26 April 2024

Over the years, women's health monitoring technology has become increasingly sophisticated, offering more and more sophisticated tools for understanding our bodies. Tempdrop has established itself as a revolutionary tool for people wishing to practice symptothermy with ease. In fact, it was to make it easier for us to take our temperature, and thus track our cycle, that we decided to test Tempdrop in 2019. The following is our complete opinion, after several years of using Tempdrop. So, gadget or real help?

What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a thermometer designed to measure basal body temperature during sleep. This device has proved an invaluable ally for many users, particularly in monitoring fertility and understanding our cycles.

Why did we choose Tempdrop for temperature measurement?

The reason for choosing Tempdrop was simple: we wanted to simplify our daily lives. In symptothermia, the temperature must be taken at the same time every morning. We wanted to remove this constraint. In fact, we wanted a reliable tool that could accurately record fluctuations in our basal body temperature as we slept, without disturbing our sleep.

We discovered Tempdrop by chance over 4 years ago. Everything was in English, and few French people (or even Francophones) were already using it. So we took the plunge, thinking that it would also be a great tool to promote in France if we liked it.

Please note: This article is currently being modified. At the time, we bought Tempdrop from the official website (the only place it was available). It is no longer possible to have Tempdrop delivered to France from the official website. To receive it, visit the Laboratoire Hollis website, which sells and delivers it free of charge in France. You'll receive it much faster now :).

Delivering and unpacking the Tempdrop

When we bought Tempdrop, we ordered it from the official website. It arrived in a week from the United States. We didn't incur any customs duties. And for the past 4 years, no one has reported this to us. However, please note that delivery is €9.90 for France.

When opened, the box contains the thermometer in drop form. It comes with a bracelet, battery, battery-changing tool and manual. On the downside, everything is in English, but to be honest, it's very easy to understand. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us by e-mail or in the comments section.

How does Tempdrop work?

We have written a detailed article on this device. Here, we'll summarize. Tempdrop is a tool, a thermometer that takes your basal body temperature during the night. What's important to note is that it's only a tool. Powerful, of course, useful, of course, but the basis is your knowledge.

Tempdrop is an armband. Simply switch it on in the evening before going to bed, and wear it all night long. You don't feel it at all. When you wake up in the morning, turn on your phone's Bluetooth and connect your Tempdro to the application so that it can collect the data. You'll then know your basal body temperature for the day.

Why use Symptothermia?

Tempdrop's aim is to help you with your symptothermy practice. Whether to get pregnant or for contraception, symptothermia is a method we've been using for many years now.

Beyond that, symptothermia helps you:

  • Better understand your body, your cycles and your ailments;
  • Find a reliable method of contraception;
  • Detecting the return of your diaper;
  • Analyze your fertile phase and maximize your chances of getting pregnant (or not).

How do you use Tempdrop in your daily life?

As you'll have gathered, Tempdrop has become a must-have for us! To practice symptothermy (especially in contraceptive mode) with complete confidence, we really invite you to get trained! It's extremely important.

Symptothermy, or cycle monitoring, consists of analyzing and observing 2 indicators that your body sends you: your basal body temperature (the one you take in the morning, at a more or less fixed time, before doing anything else) and your cervical mucus. With precise rules, you'll know when you're entering the infertile phase. You enter a phase of infertility when you observe the following combination:

  • Three consecutive days of high temperatures, all above your baseline (established from the previous six temperatures). The temperature on the third day must be at least 0.2°C higher than this baseline. If this is not the case, the fourth temperature is taken into account, but it must always exceed the baseline.
  • Three days when you notice a decrease in the quality of your cervical mucus.
Sensiplan symptothermie chart

The combination of three days of high temperatures and the regression of cervical mucus signals the beginning of the infertile period!

Our opinion of Tempdrop after 4 years of use

Purchased in October 2019, Tempdrop has unquestionably become an everyday ally. Before that, I personally found taking temperatures very restrictive (Florette). This technology has revolutionized my contraception.

Since our purchase, the company has made many improvements:

  • The wristband used to be very fragile, but now the cuff is made of fabric and there's no risk of breakage.
  • The application was very old. Today, they've made many updates and the application is really top-notch!

Why do we love Tempdrop?

  • Easy temperature taking
  • Company that cares about its customers and their return
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy-to-change battery
  • Practical application
  • Possible warranty

Finally, the only drawback is that the application is in English. But who knows... Perhaps one day this negative point will be resolved.

In our opinion, Tempdrop deserves 5 stars ! And we believe so strongly in this product that we managed to get a 12% discount with the code AFMAVIEAPRES.

Buy Tempdrop cheaper

Ah... it's true that Tempdrop is an investment. And you have to look at it that way. My Tempdrop is 4 years old and still as functional and efficient as ever.

If you're hesitating to buy Tempdrop and are looking for a way to buy it cheaper, here are our 4 tips:

  • Use our discount code AFMAVIEAPRES to get a 12% discount ;
  • Wait for promotions (Tempdrop is regularly on special offer);
  • Several women have reported to us that they have succeeded in obtaining a refund from their mutual insurance company (we are preparing an article to help you);
  • You can pay in instalments via their website.

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